Multiple positions are available in the structural virology of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) and (separately) on computational methods for refining cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) atomic structures.  AAV is the leading vector for human gene therapy.  Our cryo-EM of complexes with cellular receptors that we have identified, and with neutralizing antibodies, lay the foundations towards improved specificity and efficiency needed to target a wider array of genetic diseases.  Those interested in AAV structural virology should have a background in molecular virology or structural biology.  Those interested in methods development should have experience in scientific software engineering.  Appointments can be as post-doctoral fellows or as research staff at levels dependent on experience and potential supervisory role.  A CV should be uploaded with a cover letter briefly summarizing research experience and interests, and with the contact details for three referees.  Applications will be considered until the positions are filled, but for full consideration please apply by December 30th, 2022.

Post-doctoral and Research Staff Positions:

Please visit the University of Missouri System recruitment site, where, within the “Academic and Staff Positions” cell you will find links that will allow you to search for the appropriate Job ID:

  • Post-doctoral fellow: Academic position – Job ID# 44666
  • Senior Research Specialist (PhD or BS/MS with experience, some supervisory responsibilities): Staff position – Job ID# 44577
  • Research Specialist Lead (PhD with experience, supervisory responsibilities): Staff position – Job ID# 44579
  • Programmer Analyst (Scientific software engineer): Staff position – Job ID# 44575

Laboratory Assistant:

Part-time or full-time positions are available, assisting with cell culture, molecular biology, protein expression and purification. Welcome to apply are current science majors or B.S. graduates with some laboratory experience in biochemistry or molecular biology.  Staff position –  Job ID# 44570.

PhD students

There are always openings for PhD motivated students.  Past Chapman-lab trainees have had wide diversity in backgrounds majoring in biology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, mathematics, molecular biology or physics.  Those interested should apply by December 1st of each year, through the Biochemistry or Translational Biosciences Graduate Programs.