Post-doctoral and staff opportunities are open for structural biology research of the interactions of gene therapy vector, Adeno-associated virus (AAV), with host cells, or, separately, for computer methods development.  Adeno-associated virus is the leading vector for human gene therapy and has recently been approved in treatments of SMA and hemophilia A & B.  Experimental research into AAV entry and trafficking is of fundamental interest in virology and key to treatments for other genetic diseases.  Following our X-ray structure of AAV and genome-wide screening for cellular proteins needed for infection, we have solved cryo-EM structures of complexes with the entry receptor that we identified.  Focus is now on the interactions of trafficking into the nucleus using fluorescence and cryo-EM.  Those with training in any area of structural biophysics or molecular biology are welcome to apply.  Those with experience in software engineering can be considered for separate research into cryo-EM structure refinement methods.  Candidates must apply through the web-portals described below, uploading a CV, a cover letter briefly summarizing research experience and interests, and with the contact information for three referees.  Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.  Enquiries may be directed to Michael Chapman (

Post-doctoral and Research Staff Positions:

Please visit the University of Missouri System recruitment site, where, within the “Academic and Staff Positions” cell you will find links that will allow you to search for the appropriate Job ID:

  • Post-doctoral fellow: Academic position – Job ID# 50284
  • Research Specialist Lead (candidates with PhD & post-doctoral experience, supervisory responsibilities): Staff position – Job ID# 50337

PhD students

There are always openings for PhD motivated students.  Past Chapman-lab trainees have had wide diversity in backgrounds majoring in biology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, mathematics, molecular biology or physics.  Those interested should apply by December 1st of each year, through the Biochemistry or Translational Biosciences Graduate Programs.